Grow With the Glow: Mush-Lume Compostable Lamp Shade Grown From Mushrooms


There is a creative fungus among us. Danielle Trofe, the creative mind behind LiveScreen, the indoor hydroponic vertical garden, just let me know about her newest creation: Mush-Lume, a compostable lamp shade grown from mushrooms–not manufactured, but grown of a home-compostable bioplastic.

In a process similar to one Danish designer Jonas Edvard uses to cultivate his living lamps, Trofe grows Mush-Lume’s textured lampshade using agricultural byproducts such as seed husks and corn stalks, then combines them with mushroom mycelium.

“What if instead of  making products out of petroleum-based plastics and non-renewable materials, we used natural, sustainable materials?” asks Trofe. “So instead of our goods ending up in landfills, they could biodegrade in our backyards!”